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Magento issue

Hello everyone,

I have ben trying to open an ecommerce website for last couple of months but it seems to be difficult.

I have a very particular requirement, which initially seemed doable to me, but considering my web developer just gave away after consuming my 2 months, I started looking into problem by myself. But still haven’t found anything substantial.

So here is my concern:

I want to develop a ecommerce website where on product page I can display the specification of products on charts.

For example lets take mobiles for reference.

We have uniquie field as “HTC”


have 4 main characterstics. RAM, battary life, Screen resolution and internal memory.


Considering I have all the HTC models information in my data base. Lets say of all the phones in my database,  minimum ram by any phone is 1 gb and maximum ram is 4 gb. so my range fr RAM is from 1-4. Similarly form Battery its 2000-3500mAh,weight  120g- 220g and internal memory is 8gb- 64gb.


Now what i want is, when user select any product, when the product page comes up, these specification to be shown as 4 “100% stacked bar charts”


For example, user select a phone of HTC model with following values: 3 gb RAM, 2600mAh battery, 185g weight and 64gb internal memory.


The output i want is 4 charts (one for each value) with min and max value on left hand and right hand side and then shaded to value of the product specification.